About Alex Bennett

Alex working on a Fig Bonsai

Alex is a qualified Horticulturist graduating from the Ryde School of Horticulture and a qualified Arborist. He began working at the Bonsai Nursery in 1996.

Alex Bennett

In 2000, Alex went to Japan for 2 years of intensive training as an apprentice at the pre-eminent bonsai nursery Mansei-en, Omiya Japan to hone his pruning, repotting and styling skills.

Currently Alex teaches bonsai throughout the year at Bonsai Art.

Having been trained in the traditional methods of bonsai as well as working in the aboriculture and horticulture industry. He has been able to apply these skills that he has gained in his own garden, pruning, maintenance and tree service business called Quiet Garden.

Alex, now director of Bonsai Art, opened the new bonsai nursery within Hidden Orient nursery at Belrose. Alex continues to grow and expand his private collection of bonsai.

If you would like to enrol in a bonsai class with Alex, see our Bonsai School information.